Sorry for the long delay since our last post.  We've been busy with some day-to-day of working and living here.  We head back to the US on June 30th, so we're excited for that.  At the same time, we're a little sad to have to pack up our lives again for yet another move.  After about the 7th time, the routine just gets tiring.  But we are very much looking forward to the arrival of the little one.  She's at 25 weeks this week and kicking and squirming like a mad-woman!  We just love getting to see the effects of her movements on my tummy.  It's the strangest, loveliest thing!  Keep kicking little girl... just not so much at momma's ribs.  ;-)

Grammy Kim
05/31/2011 6:10am

Right on....keep kicking little girl, just not so much at mommy's ribs!!! Such joy!!!

01/25/2012 6:51pm

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