Ok, so admittedly the last couple of posts on our blog have been somewhat dark and solemn - probably reflecting a little bit of how we've felt since moving to a new city with some pretty difficult circumstances.  But recently we've been really excited about a new beginning for us: we're having a baby!  Yep, I am 3 months along and really looking forward to this beautiful addition to our family.  

For those who are wondering, I haven't been feeling my best for about two months now (the constant stinky drains in our apartment certainly don't help either).  But all it takes is the thought of our little baby growing and developing, and it makes it all seem a little more worth it.  

I just cannot wait to meet our little baby in six months.  Please pray with us for a healthy and happy baby, one that grows up to be a faithful man or woman of the Lord.  

We know we're not the best at posting pictures of our lives here (partially because we're often too busy to snap photos here and there), but I promise that as we get the time and nerve to visit a local hospital and get a good picture of our baby, we will share the goodness with you all.  :-)  Thanks for keeping up with us!


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