Earlier this week, I (Curt), had the privilege of attending the local university baseball practice.  Baseball here is like rugby in the States: not too popular, but some universities have the equivalent of a club team.
I met the coach a couple months ago, and he was thrilled to hear I could download some major league games and show them at the Cafe.  The whole team came and watched last year's World Series.  And now that spring has arrived, I got to attend their practice!
I was pleasantly surprised that some of them had some pretty good fundamentals.  I think a few guys could throw in the 70s, and it was clear that some experienced baseball people had coached some of them in the past.  I haven't really played baseball in about 10 years, so I had a blast just playing catch and fielding some grounders.  I took about 7 grounders and only one went through the legs, so not too shabby!  I could probably make the Royals' team.  I didn't get a chance to hit, because that day they were practicing on the outdoor basketball court with lots of people playing basketball and soccer nearby.  But hopefully soon I'll be able to go again and take some swings!

Bryan Holmgren
04/03/2011 10:22am

Curt - How would these guys stack up with the 1997 Cyclones U-13 juggernaut?


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