I (Michelle) got a chance to go to the beach this weekend, the first time ever in this country.  It was really nice and relaxing, but one thing I thought peculiar: the number of brides and grooms that showed up!  It's not just that this was a beautiful spot where couples would take their wedding pictures.  At one point, there seemed to be a shuttle of couples waiting to get their picture taken by a glamor shot company.  EAnd with the way the gals wore jeans and sneakers underneath their dresses, it didn't look likely that this was their wedding day.  It was really a sight to see!  It seems that these glamor shot companies will let you wear one of their costume outfits, do your hair and makeup, and bring you somewhere pretty to get shots of you looking like a regal bride and groom.  Not a bad idea, but as for us...  I think we'll stick with the normal engagement pictures taken in our business casual attire.  Wouldn't want curious tourists to be snapping shots of me and my posse of wannabe brides!

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