... and we're back!  We are SO sorry to anyone who's come by the blog, only to see that the last entry was six months ago!  

Our wedding was SUCH a blast!  After months of planning, It was just nice to have it done and over with.  We tried our best to soak the day all in, but we still rely on photos and videos to help us remember everything that happened that day.  But in the end, it was just such a special day for us, and we are so thankful that we get to be married.  

We've been living in Wichita for about two months now, and we love the little house we're staying in (pictured below).  It's been a real treat to have a house to ourselves for the first couple months of marriage.  In fact, in a strange twist of tradition, this will probably be the nicest house we'll ever live in!  I (Michelle) enjoy cooking in the home, and I can't wait to make a home of our own when we move overseas.  Curt reading and studying in the nice, big living room.  Especially since our sleeping schedules are so different, Curt gets the mornings all to himself to spend time in quiet with the Lord.  These months have definitely been a different pace than our "normal" lives, but we're thankful for this time to rest up and recharge.  

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