I've been trying to eat healthier, but when the healthiest foods seem to make me feel sick, I have to find alternate ways of eating healthy.  Introducing Spinach chips!    

While we were living in Wichita, my sister came to visit and introduced us to the wonder of Kale chips, healthy leafy greens coated in oil, lemon juice, and salt, then baked to a crispy texture.  It takes minutes to make and less time to gobble up!   While we can't get Kale out here, we can get a bundle of Spinach for about 15 cents!  So I tried it the other day and it has quickly become a favorite snack in our house, and I've pretty much made a batch every day for 3 days.   

To give an example of how much we love it, I made a batch the other day (about as much as the picture shown below).  I went to take a quick potty break, and when I came back out they were all gone!  Curt had finished them all up in about a minute!  Needless to say, more than one batch was made that day. 

PS- For a gourmet version of this, check out this linkhttp://thesveltegourmet.blogspot.com/2010/05/its-summer-and-im-roasting.htmlweeblylink_new_window


04/04/2011 6:44am

I'll have to try these!!! Sounds fun!!! Y

04/04/2011 1:18pm

wow, i'm glad you tired it with spinach too!


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