Today, I (Michelle) turned 28!  It was a good day all-in-all (except that I'm getting tired really easily all the time...maybe I am getting old!)  Today was also the one-month countdown to the wedding!  Eek!  We are both pretty excited and a little antsy for the day to come.  We've been preparing not only for the wedding, but also for the marriage.  What I'm looking most forward to is getting to share everything with my best friend.  It's really been an awesome process being friends, getting to know each other, dating, and now preparing for marriage.  We need a lot of grace daily in our lives; that's why we're have peace in our Lord and Savior who is the foundation of it all.  His grace is sufficient for us as individuals, and His grace will continue to be sufficient for us, made perfect in our weaknesses as one.  

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