A couple nights ago, I had a dream about bagels and cream cheese.  While normally, I would simply wake up and move on with my day, being pregnant is a whole other story.  I craved bagels and cream cheese all day!  However, since there are no bagels at the local grocery store here (like so many things I crave unfortunately), I naturally turned to the internet to learn how to make bagels.  And that night, I actually made a batch of homemade bagels!  Today, in order to completely fulfill my craving, I lugged myself over to the import store and got me two packages of cream cheese to go with the bagels (if only I could get my hands on some asiago cheese!)  I have never felt so food saavy!  In fact, since being pregnant, I have attempted more things in the kitchen than ever before, all in order to fulfill those crazy cravings.  Let's just hope I don't start having dreams about a roasted turkey! 

05/04/2011 7:14am

Try some cherry preserves with that! Delicious! Congrats on being so Martha S like... :)

05/04/2011 6:40pm

great job! =D

05/04/2011 8:11pm

Good job sis! One of my other friends is also learning how to make bagels...amazing!

Grammy Kim
05/14/2011 8:32pm

I'm impressed!!!


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