This weekend I checked another "to-do" off my list and ordered a "qipao" to wear for part of the wedding.  "What is a qipao?"  You may be wondering.  Well, it is a traditional Chinese dress.  Worn by the bride at weddings, it's usually made of red slik with gold trim and various embroidery used to symbolize peace, longevity, beauty, etc.  The qipao started among Chinese royalty of the Qing Dynasty.  Eventually, it became extremely popular not only in China but throughout the world, symbolizing the elegance and glamour of old China.  For many Chinese-Americans, wearing a qipao for part of the wedding is an ode to our ancestors' culture.  For me, the qipao will be a great symbol of respect towards my grandparents and parents as Curt and I honor both our families with a traditional Tea Ceremony.  We're really thankful and excited that we do get to incorporate elements of my family's traditions into our wedding.   Our hope is that this will not only honor our families, but ultimately that we can through both Chinese and American wedding traditions, honor our Heavenly Father, whose love and grace is available to all peoples and cultures!

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