Since becoming pregnant, I've been dealing with a whole new set of fears over the safety our unborn baby.  In the midst of an already challenging year, at times, this fear has been unbearable.  Today, however, during my reading time I  listened to a song called "Safe", a song that I take much comforts me with the reminder of who our God is.  Some people probably thought we were crazy to start a family in the midst of being burnt out and living in a new city (Heck, WE thought we were crazy).  But as I look back, to have a child come into our lives at this time has really been the Father's gift to us and to our baby.  

As I listened to this song this afternoon, I sang along as a reminder to myself and found myself singing this song to our unborn baby.  No matter what happens, he or she IS safe in the arms of their Creator, the only truly safe place to be.  And I thought, this is what I want to teach our children - not to fear the unknowns that come our way, but to cling to Him and trust Him when (and not if) the deep darkness comes our way.   As parents, I really hope that this is the message of faith that we pass on through our daily lives. It's certainly been the lesson we've been learning over and over again as we've hit the bumps that filled the road this last year.  Life is not always going to be protected and free of hardship.  And as much as we will do our best to care for our children, there is SO much that is out of our control.  BUT His are the Hands that hold the world, and we are promised that if we are His, He will never leave us. The more we get to know Him, there's no where else we'd rather be, and there's nowhere else I'd rather place my child, than in His loving arms.


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