Even from many miles away, we like to keep up with our baseball.  In 2002, when the Giants made it to the World Series against the Angels.  I (Michelle) was in London that year, but I faithfully stayed at the internet cafe until after dark, watching the electronic play-by-play on mlb.com.  The Giants didn't win that year.  It was depressing, and they haven't made even the playoffs since... until this year.

As luck would have it, Curt and I have had to watch the playoffs via electronic play-by-play.  We watched as the Giants took the Braves.  We nervously watched as they played the Phillies.  And today, as they played in game 6 with a 3-2 lead in the series, we watched and waited.  I was in the office when Juan Uribe hit the winning homerun to end the 2-2 tie in the 9th inning.  And Curt ran in to announce, "The Giants are going to the world series!  The Giants are going to the world series!"  I could hardly believe it!  I had to ask him if he was joking just to make sure.  Lo and behold, my beloved Giants are going to the world series...finally.... after 8 years of waiting!  And I'm out of the country again.  

Although I'm sad that I'll again have to resort to watching little animated figures of players as I follow the Giants on their plight to win the world series this year, I'll still watch with as much gusto and excitement as if I were standing in the park cheering them on with 50,000 others.  

PS- I love any year that I get to reminisce this moment from 1951.  The Giants win the Penant!!!!  That's the way to celebrate!


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