At church this Sunday, we heard a really moving message that had me (Michelle) tearing up.  The message was on adoption.  I love adoption, especially because it is such a beautiful picture of what God has done for us. Adoption has been on my mind since I found out how much it has affected my own family.  My mother, abandoned by her mother and with a father who couldn't take care of her, was by all means an orphan.   Through some pretty amazing circumstances, she was adopted, became saved, and has a great perspective on God as her Father.

After the sermon on Sunday, I am more convinced than ever that we are supposed to be at the very least praying about adopting.  It's not easy, and I can't even say I'm the "mom" type that just wants to nurture every child I come accross.  But I am a child of the Most High King.  And I know His love and His compassion flows through me and will enable me to love any child that He places in my care.  So Curt and I are praying about it- not just that the opportunity will arise, but that we will be equipped even now, to build a family that will honor Him and magnify to the world what He has done for us. 

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