It's pretty hard not to go overboard with wedding stuff for me (Michelle).  Every girl dreams about her perfect wedding day, but as you grow older, reality sets in, and you can't just spend 24-7 planning out the flowers, and decorations, and the dress, and the food, etc. (nor would I want to).  Wedding planning is fun though, and as silly as it sounds, it does take some faith too.  Sometimes I have to shut down my computer and just trust that everything will be worked out without my overplanning it.  Sometimes I have to exercise discipline to focus on what will really last beyond that one day: my relationship with the Lord, relationship with Curt, and being a good witness to those around me.  And we have really seen the Lord's provision in so many areas already.  We have more than we ever could have dreamed, and we are SO thankful for it all!

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