I am just realizing how much excitement there will be moving around from place to place in the next year.  These days, it's so much easier to look forward to being back in the States, and more specifically for me (Michelle), back in San Francisco.  Stressors are on as we finish up our last semester abroad.  And yet, there is still much set before us in the next three months.  And we have been called to be faithful wherever we are.  So, as we look forward to our big day next March, and all that follows, we also are trying to enjoy our todays... and be all here. 

Mom Kim Romig
09/27/2009 7:11pm

Yeah, love the title, "wherever we are, be all there!!!" I don't know how you're going to have time to blog, but maybe it will be therapeutic!!! Have fun and look for the joy in it all!
Mom Kim

10/21/2009 5:56am

This is my first wedding website to visit and I think it's pretty cool. Praying for you today.
A co-worker in Orlando,


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