This is my (Curt's) first EVER blog post.  Never been too into blogging, but my wonderful wife convinced me that I should put something up here once in a while, and I figured why not?  I am happy to get on my soapbox and vent and share, if you care enough to read!
Tomorrow we go to visit Britt & Carly.  We'll hang one night up there, and weather permitting, get in a couple rounds of frisbee golf.  I'm thankful for a friend like Britt, a true kindred spirit of mine.  We'll be friends for life I'm sure.  Even though our homes are a zillion miles apart most of the year, we still encourage and challenge each other.  And our wives like each other too!  Now we just need to have a daughter to marry their son one day.
We've been amazingly blessed by friends and family all over the U.S.  As we prepare to leave, I'm just super thankful.  So much fun and encouragement hanging out with people.  Almost every night this week we've spent time with friends that have encouraged us.
A few notes on the day of my first ever blog post:
I have the big Royals-Orioles game on TV in front of me, and the Royals still stink.  It's that time of year where we trade all our good players to the Yankees and Dodgers for minor league prospects!  And those prospects will come up to the majors in two years, become good, and get traded to NY or LA in 2013 for more prospects.
Lots of terrible negative political commercials on these days, that really just illustrate how dumb humans are sometimes.  I mean seriously, two people from the same party who probably agree on 95% of the issues, just bashing each other, and making ridiculous promises.  One ad said "(candidate X) will end Washington corruption."  Uh huh, I'm sure you will Mister.  You alone will end the corruption.  Come on!
So that's my rant for now! 

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