I'm sitting here, writing this, as I (Michelle) am desperately needing to sleep.  We have a kayak trip planned for the early morning with Curt's parents, and with my history of accidents, I need all the alertness I can get!  This, unfortunately, has become a nasty habit of mine: not being able to sleep when I really need to... and getting sleepy when it's time to be awake!  

I don't know why my sleeping pattern has been so off lately, but it's definitely something I ask prayers on.  I am being challenged to rely more on His strength and not my own.  And it is a challenge daily to not let the frustration overtake me.  I admit: it's not easy.  I LOVE my sleep! But I know that His grace is sufficient.  So more than anything, I guess I ask for prayers for His grace to pour out when something essential like sleep isn't working for me. So even when physical rest is somewhat taken away, I can still rest on the goodness and sovereignty of my God.   

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