Today I (Curt) was walking down the street, and noticed a drunk guy about my age.  I tried to avoid eye contact, but it was too late, and so he approached me.  He said to me in broken Chinese, "Hey we are friends."  I tried the whole routine of me not understanding Chinese, but he was determined.  He again said, "Hey we are friends" and extended his hand to shake mine.  "Ok sure we are friends, thanks" I said.  Then he again reached his hand out to shake my hand a second time, and I again said, "Thanks."  He sensed my annoyance with him though, and so then he says more angrily, "Hey, I said we are friends, I shook your hand, not this!"  And he proceeds to reach his hand around my pants pocket area.  Well, instinct took over and I immediately swiped his hand away, pushed him back a bit, and then pointed a finger in his face and said, "Leave me alone".  In this culture, shame is a big thing, and so I had sufficiently shamed him on a big street, so he left me alone.  And no he didn't get anything from my pocket.  But, I also gotta be careful that in a situation like that, I don't get too angry or use too much force.  Was he really a pickpocketer?  I dunno, but they often run in packs, so if I make one mad, I could have a gang of them on me in seconds.  A wise man controls his temper, so hopefully I will be wise in future situations like that, and not get pickpocketed either!

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