Last week, I started worrying because I had yet to feel the baby kick.  Was it ok in there?  Should I pay more attention?  Well, this week, she's definitely kicking.  Not only am I feeling the little bumps in there, but recently I actually got to see it from the outside!  It was one morning when I had a rare cup of chai tea.  I'm guessing it was the caffeine that got to her, but she started kicking like crazy!  At one point, I felt repeated hard kicks on the left side of my tummy.  I lifted up my shirt and at that moment, she kicked again, allowing me to see the little spastic movement on my tummy.  As simple as it sounds, it was the most amazing thing to me!  Now I just can't wait til I can feel (and maybe see) her kick again.  It just brings so much joy to my heart!  Who knew being kicked was this much fun?!!!

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